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Das Skydrop ist ein sehr leichtes kombiniertes GPS-Vario. Mit seinen lediglich 86g Gewicht gilt es als leichtestes Display Vario. Seine vielen Funktionen machen es für ein breites Pilotenspektrum attraktiv.

Der Hersteller Skybean produziert nur doch die Double Battery Version

Physical parameters:

  • double battery model 86g
  • dimensions 98x57x19 mm
  • double battery version 2000 mAh, 10-25h fly time
  • memory 16 Gb



  • vario – analog/digital/average, acoustic signalization, graph history
  • instant vario response
  • flight logs – IGC/KML  accepted for FAI Category 1 competitions
  • GPS – ground speed, altitude, heading, glide ratio
  • wind speed and direction
  • altimeters – 5 adjustable altimeters (relative, absolute, GPS or QNH mode)
  • height above ground level (AGL)
  • competition waypoint navigation with route length optimisation
  • airspace violation warning
  • fully customizable – multiple screens with configurable layouts and widgets
  • android connectivity – XCTrack, FlyMe, XCSoar, LK8000, TopHat, Sky Land Tracker, Paragliding Dashboard
    iOS connectivity – FlySkyHy, SkyLogger, SkyLogger XXL
  • digital compass
  • G-meter
  • weak lift detection (pre-thermal sound)
  • odometer
  • bearing and distance from take-off
  • flight diary, fly time, real time clock
  • auto take off and landing detection
  • UART output (for E-readers connection)
  • Every future feature will be available for free in software update, check current version here.

Package contains:

  • SkyDrop variometer
  • raiser holder with adhesive hooks&loops
  • protective cordura pocket
  • micro USB cable
  • user guide
  • sticker


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